About Brad Finkeldei:

I was a coward and stuck in a tech career I didn’t love anymore. Then, I discovered I was trying to impress people with a big paycheck because I didn’t have the confidence I really wanted. I decided to risk it all, take a leap of faith, and step into my deepest fears. To make a difference in the world! Through my entrepreneurial journey I’ve overcome some of my biggest fears and now share and inspire others to do the same so they can become the hero of their own lives.  

I wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t met a man, Rafael, during my journey that inspired me to quit being chicken and stand up for what I believe and go make a difference. He, unfortunately, was killed in a terrorist attack and I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to carry on his message of inspiring others. I give audiences a surprise gift to remind them to step into their fears and be the difference in the world they want to see. A tiny rubber chicken just like Rafael did.